Is NTR will be host Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3

    Is NTR will be host Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3?NTR 

    Bigg Boss Season 3 host
    Bigg Boss Season 3 host 

    Host To Bigg Boss 3:The Bigg Boss Telugu became a top notch show mainly because of the courageous and determined anchoring by NTR. His timing, comic touch, friendliness, openness and demeanor and talent has ensured that the audience remained glued to their TV sets. But, he couldn’t do the Season II because of other preoccupations. So, Nani chipped in. But, Nani was found wanting in many ways. There was criticism about the way he went about hosting the show. So, there was a buzz that NTR will again host Bigg Boss Season 3.

    But he said he did not follow Bigg Boss 2. He was tied up with Aravinda Sametha shooting and the tragedy of his father’s death. "I am busy with both my kids, so there was no time for me to watch the show," he said in some interviews . 


    Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Host :

    He said doing Bigg Boss It was a great experience and opportunity. He said the response from the people was heartening and it remained a milestone in my career. "I took it up as a challenge and did it," says NTR. On the question of Bigg Boss hosting Season 3, he said nothing can be said with certainty now. He has to adjust the dates as per Rajamouli’s film’s dates, he said RRR movie.

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